When you can't take the data to the tools, take the tools to the data!

Investigations and disputes often arise in countries where the data can't be removed from the source location due to data privacy or confidentiality constraints.

A further challenge can arise in such locations due to limited availability of local technical expertise. Traditionally expensive hardware infrastructure and software licensing expenses have been incurred to deliver multi-tool solutions on-site to such locations. Added to this, technical experts have been relocated to perform the necessary work, with associated travel and accommodation expenses further increasing the project costs. 

EDT is one of the only software platforms that offers a nimble portable deployment on a laptop or single computer that can be shipped to the location of the data.  Also, because EDT is so quick and easy to install, use, and support, fewer and less skilled technical experts need to go on-site, saving travel and associated costs.   

This enables all processing, analysis, review and production to be undertaken on site, where the data is located more effectively and cost efficiently than competitive options.  

Our accredited partners can procure and install EDT on a computer that is configured to suit your needs then ship it to the desired location.

A simple monthly usage fee is charged and the cost of the hardware can optionally be bundled into this fee to remove the need for any capital outlay.


  • Data remains on site - to satisfy data protection, security, confidentiality or privacy constraints.

  • Easy to use - limited technical expertise is needed on site.

  • No Capital Outlay - the cost of the portable computer can be bundled into the monthly service fee.
  • Disbursement- the solution can be structured as a monthly charge that can be fully disbursed.

  • Quick deployment- the solution can be shipped in a few hours so you’re up and running fast.

  • Powerful - Analysis, review and processing functionality, all on one platform 

  • Value - Predictable, simple and transparent pricing via an affordable monthly service fee that is not based on data volumes

“Altlaw uses EDT software to power our mobile solution, which is utilised when data cannot be moved either due to security issues, or cross border privacy laws. The EDT solution is a scalable, easy to use, end-to-end solution which allows our clients to process, host and review as much, or as little data as they need to, locally either behind the firewall or otherwise, for a fixed low monthly cost.”

Matthew Altass

Managing Director - Altlaw

Hear our CEO, Jo Sherman’s take on this topic.