Our network of accredited partners offer hosted solutions powered by EDT software.

Under this case-by-case hosting model, one of our partners will collect, upload and process your data for you, perform quality checks and analysis to deal with any processing problems like password protected or corrupt files, oversee OCR processes, assist with early data analysis and data culling activities, and optionally project manage the review.

They can also provide project management and training services or manage productions to meet your deadlines. 

This model usually involves disbursement based charging on a case by case basis.  Because our software fees are fair and affordable, our partners are well positioned to pass great efficiencies on to you. 

Some of our partners now also offer edt.BLUE, our cloud deployment as a foundation of their managed service offerings. 


  • No Capital Outlay - no need to invest in any hardware or software to run EDT

  • Disbursement - our partners generally structure the services as a monthly charge that can be fully disbursed to your client 

  • Quick deployment - your case can be set up quickly without the need to procure hardware or install software 

  • Call in the experts - You have access to experienced litigation and forensic experts within our partner network 

  • Outsource data management - you can focus on the case at hand while outsourcing the cumbersome data processing work to the experts.

To find out more about our EDT as a hosted solution, contact one of our accredited partners to discuss you requirements.