edt.BLUE is a turnkey solution - EDT software in your chosen cloud e.g. (AWS, Azure or IBM) with a monthly pay-as-you-go fee.

It's offered via our accredited partners and can be deployed within 48 hours in over 40 countries. The choice of location and cloud provider (IBM, Microsoft Azure or Amazon) is yours.

It’s perfect if you want full control to do your own processing, culling, batching for review and user management.

It’s also ideal when you require in-country data residency because the data can’t be moved from it's location, for example for EU based projects where data privacy is a concern. Simply nominate your international data center location from the 40+ countries available and an edt.BLUE instance can be implemented there within 48 hours.  So, that means, the data doesn't need to be transferred cross-border.

There are no per gigabyte charges and no user fees. Just a simple monthly service fee for the infrastructure plus software platform. There's no software or hardware to buy, support or maintain and you can expand and contract the storage and processing resources to cater for fluctuating demands.

Finally you can avoid the hassle of running back end infrastructure so you can focus on your core business – servicing your clients.  You can even re-brand edt.BLUE so that your clients see it as your solution.


  • No capital outlay - no need to purchase hardware or software licenses
  • No hardware or software maintenance costs - so no capital expenditure to approve  
  • Self sufficient – you administer the entire environment so you can even manage your own processing, batching, productions & users 
  • Rapid deployment - 48 hours to deploy edt.BLUE in over 40 countries
  • Fewer fees - no per GB processing or hosting charges and no user fees
  • Pay as you go pricing – monthly predictable and transparent billing
  • 24-7 support - via our international service desk
  • Security - industry standard certifications from our cloud service providers
  • Elastic infrastructure – scales easily to cater for peak or low processing needs
  • Stay focussed on your clients - you look after your clients – we look after the back end for you 
  • White label - option to co-brand the EDT user interface so your clients see your brand on your service
  • Expertise Available - from the experienced litigation & forensic experts within our partner network

Download our edt.BLUE brochure here.