EDT software can be deployed and licensed in many different ways to suit a variety of client needs

EDT On Premises is deployed on your own infrastructure.   This may be your internal network, behind the firewall, or in a data-centre or cloud you procure and manage yourself.


You provide the infrastructure then EDT is licensed annually via a simple, transparent fee incorporating maintenance, support and upgrades. There are no data volume or user fees.


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EDT’s accredited partners offer hosted solutions powered by EDT. Under this transactional hosting model, our partners will set up your case and users, ingest the data, fix processing issues, run OCR, assist with data culling, optionally project manage the review and oversee general case activities and productions.


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Our partners can install EDT software on a portable computer for you and deliver it on-site for projects where data protection constraints, confidentiality, privacy or security challenges mean the data cannot be removed from the source location. This enables all processing, analysis, review and production work to be undertaken on-site, where the data is located.


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edt.BLUE is a Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) that bundles Infrastructure + Software.


edt.BLUE gives you full control to upload, process, analyze, cull, promote and batch your data for review. You also have full administration access to set up new cases, new users and to perform QA.  It’s an inexpensive, monthly, pay-as-you-go fee that delivers all the control of an On Premises installation, without the hardware or network infrastructure headaches.  There are no data processing charges, no hosting charges, no user fees.  There’s also no hardware or software infrastructure to buy, support or maintain.


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