Body Surfing Koalas at Flinders Beach

We just had to share this beautiful story from Jo’s mum and dad in Australia!

Fair walk along Flinders Beach on North-West side of Stradbroke Island (QLD) a couple of days ago. Koalas seem fairly tame over here.  Passed two sitting in she-oak trees each about 2m off the ground. Not spooked at all by attention. Then, about half way along the beach we saw this young fellow actually running up and down the beach, and playing around the kids like a puppy.

Then, he decides to go into the water for a dip!

Then the little chap went about 20m into the sea, swam around for a good half hour fascinating onlookers, before coming back  to the beach, where he was interrogated by Constable Brian, and then released without charge.

The little chap took a while to recover from his swim.

We have never heard of or seen this behavior before: a koala who likes to “play” with humans, and swim in the ocean.