About EDT

Our business was founded over 10 years ago in Australia by Jo Sherman, a lawyer and computer scientist who has for many years applied her business acumen to technology innovation in the legal sector. Since then, we have expanded internationally as we focused on development of robust, scalable software to manage e-discovery, litigation and investigations. We recently established an office in New York City, to provide a base from which we are now servicing the North American market.


The EDT team comprises lawyers, software engineers and forensic experts who are committed to a core software design philosophy; Simplicity.   This approach ensures our software is easy to use, without compromising features, and prevents complexity and over-engineering.  We also collaborate with leading edge litigation support technologists, service provider partners, forensic experts and investigators from within our clientbase to ensure our technology and architecture continues to meet their evolving needs.


Our recent release of a cloud based deployment option (edt.BLUE) is a direct result of such consultations.  Our accredited partners have embraced edt.BLUE as a strategic platform to differentiate their managed service offerings in a market that has become overly commoditized. We consider the relationships with our partners to be fundamentally important and we are very committed to their success.


Over the last decade, EDT has grown to be trusted by an international blue chip client base including GLOBAL100 law firms, top tier accounting firms, corporations, government agencies, forensic experts and consulting service providers. We anticipate continued growth due to our unique value propositions - simplicity, adaptability, complete end to end functionality and flexible deployment options.

Why the Zebra?

We are often asked this question about our corporate symbol.  The short answer is, well, we just like him. shutterstock_132332930_zebra Seriously though, we think e-discovery has burdened the litigation process by becoming unnecessarily complicated. Prevailing software solutions are over-engineered, heavy and expensive and too many disputes involve runaway discovery costs and are fought as digital wars of attrition rather than on the merits.


We chose the zebra because he symbolizes clarity, adaptability, differentiation and black and white simplicity.  These themes resonate for us because they are not only design tenets for our software engineers but they are also attributes we think service providers & professional services firms will need to succeed in the future and we are delighted to work with our clients to help them achieve that success.


Executive Team

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